Nativehockey.com was founded in 1995 as a hobby. Thoughout the years, we have morphed and grown and in addition to providing information about past and current First Nations hockey players, we are now a non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide motivation and incentives to Native hockey players, encouraging education and a better life through sport. Interested in how you can help? Please drop us a line.

Our current staff is as follows:

About Shannon Valerio (6 Articles)
Shannon Valerio (Choctaw/Creek) created the original Native Hockey Players website back in 1995 when the modern internet was in it's infancy. With a personal web page designed entirely in HTML and 16 bit color photos, her goal was to provide an informational site to raise awareness about the great Natives playing professional hockey. As the internet grew, Nativehockey.com became it's own site and through the years has provided news and information about Native hockey in North America. As most volunteer projects, the site has had it's hiatuses, but after 20 years it has become clear that we as Natives still have a long way to go to gain the deserved recognition as talented athletes and Shannon plans to be on the forefront of facilitating this growth. Throughout the years, Shannon has also been an IT professional, strength and conditioning/skating coach for elite hockey players, and is the Co-Founder and contributor to Hockey VIPs Magazine. In addition to being an elite speed skater, she has played competitive hockey for many years, including the Women's Club Hockey team at the University of Denver.
About Trevor Phillips (1 Articles)
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About Steve Valerio (0 Articles)
Steve Valerio (Kainai) is a lifelong hockey fan and player, but most importantly a supporter of Native hockey. He has contributed to Nativehockey.com from time to time and follows the Native pros closely. In the future, he hopes to reinstate the non-profit branch of First Nations Hockey, Inc. in order provide resources to individual and communities. As a Native youth Steve played in both the United States and Canada, as well as Junior hockey in Tabor, Alberta. He has also dabbled in coaching, but prefers to watch his favorite teams, the Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens. Steve was the sole stick boy for the old Colorado Rockies during the 80’s, gathering much insight into the game during those years.