Past Legends

Former Indigenous NHL players from North America

Arron Asham (Metis)
Blair Atcheynum (Cree)
George Armstrong (Ojibway)
Craig Berube
Henry Boucha
Chris Brant
John Chabot
Jonathan Cheechoo (Cree)
Dan Cloutier
Shane Corson
Kimbi Daniels
Scott Daniels
Ron Delorme (Metis)
Chad Denny (Mi’kmaq)
Gerald Diduck
Scott Ferguson
Theo Fleury (Metis)
Dan Frawley (Ojibwa)
Grant Fuhr
Stu Grimson
Ted Hodgeson (Cree)
Stan Jonathan (Mohawk)
D.J. King (Metis)
Wayne King (Ojibwa)
Denny Lambert (Ojibwa)
Reggie Leach (Ojibwa – Berens River First Nation)
Norm Maracle
Sandy McCarthy (Mi’kmaq)
Cody McCormick (Ojibwe)
Dale McCourt
Jamie McLennan
Vic Mercredi
Brantt Myhres (Frog Lake First Nations)
Ric Nattress
Jim Neilson
Ted Nolan (Ojibwa)
Gino Odjick (Algonkin)
Mike Peluso
Rich Pilon
Rudy Poeschek
Wade Redden
Jamie Rivers
Everett Sanipass (Micmac)
Gary Sargent
Fred Sasakamoose (Sandy Lake Cree)
Chris Simon (Ojibwa)
Bobby Simpson (Mohawk)
Sheldon Souray
Frank St. Marseille (Metis – Ojibwa)
Bryan Trottier (Metis)
Darcy Tucker
Dennis Vial
Dody Wood
Harry York (Cree)

Former Indigenous NHL players from other parts of the World

Börje Salming (Sami – Lapland, Sweden)

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  1. Sasakamoose….he makes me proud to be a Canadian. What a champion…on and off the ice. A true Canadian hero.

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