Weekend Roundup

Jordin Tootoo

While Natives around the league quietly contributed in the pros, college and juniors this past weekend, a couple of noteworthy stories have hit the news wire.

First, and unfortunately, Jordin Tootoo’s run-in with Alexandre Burrows has started to make the rounds, although not loudly enough. NJ.com has more detail on the situation, citing a post-game interview where Tootoo said that Burrows made disparaging remarks about his personal life and family. While details about what exactly was said weren’t released, one can only imagine.

Carey Price will be out another week according to the team. He had traveled to New York over the weekend to get a second opinion on his injury and it appears that both the US doctor and the team doctor gave the same diagnosis and estimated recovery time. The nature and extent of his injury has been kept quiet by the Canadiens’ staff, but all signs still point to a relatively short-term injury.

On a more positive note, Sydney Daniels (daughter of retired NHLer Scott Daniels) of the NCAA D1 Harvard squad had a great weekend. The Junior notched her first goal of the season against Yale last Friday night, and followed up the next night with her second tally in Harvard’s 5-1 victory over Brown.