Nativehockey.com was founded in 1995 as a hobby. Throughout the years, we have morphed and grown and in addition to providing information about past and current First Nations hockey players, we are now a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the name First Nations Hockey, Inc. Our goal is to provide motivation and incentives to Native hockey players, encouraging education and a better life through sport.  Currently, our primary initiative is managing a scholarship program that will provide an annual scholarship to a collegiate hockey player committed to play NCAA D1 hockey.

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About Shannon Valerio (6 Articles)
Shannon Valerio (Choctaw/Creek) is the founder and President of First Nations Hockey, Inc. the parent for Nativehockey.com. As a volunteer Director, she runs the website and conducts all marketing and fundraising for the organization. Throughout the years, Shannon has also been an IT professional, strength and conditioning/skating coach for elite hockey players, and a journalist. In addition to being an elite speed skater, she has played competitive hockey for many years, including the Women's Club Hockey team at the University of Denver.
About Trevor Phillips (1 Articles)
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About Steve Valerio (0 Articles)
Steve Valerio (Kainai) is the volunteer Treasurer and Secretary for First Nations Hockey, Inc. He manages all finances for the organization and maintains all documentation and paperwork, including mandatory filings and documentation from board meetings. As a Native youth Steve played in both the United States and Canada, as well as Junior hockey in Tabor, Alberta. He has also dabbled in coaching, but prefers to watch his favorite teams, the Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens. Steve was the sole stick boy for the old Colorado Rockies during the 80’s, gathering much insight into the game during those years.